“The Hemp King”: a farmer has planted hemp (PHOTOS)

For many, growing hemp seems strange and not associated with farming, although, in the Rivne region and Zhytomyr region, the farmer owns hundreds of hectares of hemp. Oleksiy Lukyanchuk told Agro-Center about the benefits of hemp and how to grow it.

Oleksiy Lukianchuk started to grow hemp in 2016. Back then it was only 215 hectares in the Koretsky district. Oleksiy says:

“It was a joke. We were constantly joking with friends about planting hemp. Then a colleague phoned and offered to sow fields with hemp; he had seeds”.

To legally grow hemp, permissions are required. The farmer got them and sowed the fields. However, it is impossible to make a drug from this hemp, because the content of cannabinoids in it is small. Why grow it then? The farmer successfully sells hemp seeds to Turkey, where it is used to feed birds and for cosmetics production.

“Scientists have proven that adding hemp to gun powder improves its quality. Hemp fiber is also used for secure documents. We believe in a further development of this business “,

– says Oleksiy.

Among other things, hemp is used in the manufacturing of drugs for cancer. The thing is that cannabinoids kill cancerous tumors. In the hemp Oleksiy grows, their content is low. Therefore, you need to extract them, and it is prohibited in Ukraine. Hemp is obviously underestimated, and growing this plant has great prospects.

Oleksiy Lukianchuk had moved his hemp fields from Rivne region to Novograd-Volynsky and sown 520 hectares this year.

  • Jean-Jacques Franc de Ferrière

    Well, hemp is a very old culture which was developped to manufacture ropes in the old times and still today can produce a lot of building ecological material. The french farmers have a long experience in this . It is cultivated along side with linen, the technology used being very close…If you consulte the production statistics of Europe you will find hemp as one offical production of course…

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