From a football field to a farm: a famous athlete decided to become a farmer

Famous football player Wayne Rooney decided to become a farmer after finishing his sports career. He even started building a barn, where he plans to keep tractors and hay, writes “Agro-Center”.

In order to obtain a permit for the construction of the complex, the football player even attracted the development company “Brighouse Homes”. According to the media, British football-record holder plans to build a 20 feet high complex. According to the drawings, the building will be dug into the ground by 7 meters.

 “The complex will be used for dry hay storage. The building will be used to store farm machinery, such as a tractor and a digger, if necessary,”

The shed is planned to be covered with a steel frame so that the farm won’t be seen from the neighbors’ side. According to the documents, the building will be used for storage of agricultural products, as well as equipment.

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