A young farmer created an innovative poultry farm in the ATO zone (video)

Nicholas Pyatchenko opened a poultry farm in the village of Shcherbinovka, located near Toretskoy. He has equipped his poultry farm with a modern cleaning system, writes “Agro-Center” with reference to the Anti-crisis media center.

Nicholas began to engage in farming before the war. He sold fodder. However, because of the war, the businessman lost all customers. He decided to look for a new business direction.

“I spent my last money on a used industrial cage for birds and tried to breed domestic animals”,

said Nikolay.

The farmer notes that, despite its small size, the farm requires a lot of work and time. In order to automate and modernize his farm, Nicholas took part in a competition for “kulaks”. He won and used the acquired money to buy modern equipment and install an innovative cleaning system.

“We made a hole, where manure falls. Water is added there and moved with the help of a mixer is. It is easier to pump liquid this way,”

says the farmer.

Nicholas has increased the number of hens and is already preparing to receive the first products for sale – eggs. He says that the product is in demand among buyers.

In addition to working on a poultry farm, the man returned to fodder business. The volumes of production are not large but it allows Nicholas to feed his birds. In the future, the farmer plans to expand the farm and create new workplaces.

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