From Perm to Khmelnytskyi District: Russian Woman Doing Horses in Ukraine (PHOTO)

Svitlana Schetnikova, a Russia native, created a horse club and invite tourists for a rest in Khmelnytskyi District. She tells journalist from “Agro-Center” why she decided to stay in Ukraine and to start her business here.

She said that she had dealt with horses from childhood and this is her hobby:

“I grew at the horse track in Perm and I am with horses from my childhood. I have tough horses since 16 years old.”

She got married with a Ukrainian man whose father in a military and was traveling around USSR. The couple got married in Perm and soon they moved to Ukraine. So they stayed here, in Khmelnytskyi District. Mrs. Schetnikova, She also added the quotation about her decision to stay in Ukraine, said: “It’s warm here and had lots of apples”.

Svitlana Schetnikova has two children. Her son was born in Perm and her daughter was born in Ukraine.

“I moved to Ukraine and horses found me. A friend of mine decided to work with horses and And soon found out that the business is not so good. Horses eat more then you can earn with them. Young horses were sold but nobody wanted to buy old ones. And I faced the option to kill them or to take them and start to do my own business. It was great opportunity to work for myself instead of working for someone else. I also want to have goats. One was presented To my daughter as a gift.”

– said mrs Schetnikova.

Horses were in Rokytne village, Khmelnytskyi District, but soon they will be moved to Tsvitocha village, Slavuta Raion. You can take a ride on a horse with support. It will cost 150 hryvnia per hour. But soon they will raise prices, because they sre too low. Also you can make a photo sesions and the horse club “Yasnogryva”.

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