An American left USA for a village in Poltava region (video)

Yuri Fedinsky was born in the USA but has Ukrainian roots. His parents and grandmother are trying to forget about “Ukrainian luggage,” but Yuri is not. He decided to return to Ukraine and lives in a village in Poltava with his wife and children, writes Agro-Center.

The musician Yuri Fedinsky was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, in the middle west of the United States in the family of dentists. Father is an Irish American. Mother is Ukrainian. The great-grandfather fought in the UPA. Grandfather Yuri Fedinsky was a lawyer. He was persecuted and emigrated to the United States.

Graduated from the Faculty of Music of the East Carolina University (piano). In 1998, he moved to Ukraine. He had only one relative here in Ukraine – contrabass player Adrian Fidinsky in Lviv. He played in the Kyiv bands “Haydamaky”, “Carpathian”, “Khoreya Cossack”.

Six years ago, the man moved with his family to the village of Kryachkivka, Pyryatyn district, in Poltava region. Yuri sings in the local folk group “Drevo” and also performs dumas. He loves Irish music. The man has a workshop for the production of traditional Ukrainian musical instruments:

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