Dmytro Solomchuk: “The authorities are selling two main resources of Ukraine”

To provide a family with food and clothes and to get a “drug” called “subsidy” – these are the issues a majority of Ukrainians have on their minds today. Knowing and understanding the situation, the authorities want to sell two main resources of Ukraine for nothing. What are these resources? Keep on reading.

The main resources cannot be oil and gas as they end eventually and are not too valuable. On the contrary, in a country that has these resources, corruption thrives and development is slowed down. Another thing is the land and people. These two “resources” have limitless potential. Against the background of the upcoming world food crisis, the land can become Ukraine’s advantage on the international arena. People are a foundation of a creative economy and an engine of any progress. We need to work with these resources, develop and improve them. However, in Ukraine, something went wrong.

The outflow of people. It is one of the biggest losses of Ukraine. In our country, such intolerable conditions are created that millions of Ukrainians leave their homes and go abroad in search of better lives. It is very difficult to calculate the exact number of emigrants and labor migrants for obvious reasons (pendular migration, illegal immigrants, etc.). However, according to several sources, over 5 million people have left Ukraine over the past few years, and queues for work in Poland have increased.

The fact that Ukrainians going abroad is beneficial to the authorities as it reduces the electorate and simplifies future elections, provides their victory.

That is why nothing is done in Ukraine to stop people from leaving. It is profitable for the government because for “selling” people for nothing, they receive a stable $ 4-5 billion of foreign exchange earnings from the workers. By the way, foreign investments, for comparison, do not reach even two billion. It is thanks to the hundreds of euros Ukrainians send from abroad that the hryvnia did not completely collapse, and the country has at least some revenues.

Sale of land. There are rumors about renting the Ukrainian land to the Chinese for 49 years (it can be equated to a sale). Why do the authorities decide what to do with our land? First, create a land bank, and then the Ukrainians, coming down from high-rises, will decide whether to sell their land or not.

It is impossible to sell land in chaos, it will only lead to losses and fatal consequences for Ukraine.

Again, they are talking about $400-500 per hectare of Ukrainian fertile black soil.

Why such figures? For example, in Romania, the price of one hectare of arable land is 1900 euros, in Poland – 9000 euros. Do they want to get rid of the land for which our grandfathers died? Its real price is at least 15,000 euros per hectare. Believe me, if the land belonged to the Ukrainians and they knew how much stable income they makeit, they will never sell.

Each Ukrainian who has its own profitable piece of land will protect it by all means. The strongest army will appear – 40 million landowners. However, our government always tends to choose the easiest way that leads to short-term benefits.


Dmytro Solomchuk – director of the PPF “Agro-Center”, chairman of the NGO “Chas Diy”






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