Dmitry Solomchuk: “Ukrainian village is the future of the country”

Why would one start an online news edition about agriculture in Ukraine? At first glance, everything seems fine: there are dozens of large companies that process hundreds of thousands of acres of Ukrainian land. The product is manufactured, but where are the farmers? Let’s try and figure it out.

The main idea of the “News Agro-Center” is to remind Ukrainians that we are an agricultural country. Our grandfathers and great-grandfathers have earned their living by farming. However, it happened so that the development of the Ukrainian village was like a bone in the throat for our neighbors from different sides. As soon as the slightest opportunity to appeared, they pressed Ukraine and interfered with our country’s development. Ukraine’s potential has never been something its competitors liked.

It’s the seventeenth year of the XXI century. The seventeenth year of anything should overwhelm with positivity, passion, and thirst for life. All we have is the opposite. Ukrainians are loaded with negative information and disturbing news, which leads the society into a deadlock. People don’t see anything positive. Young people flee to work abroad. Why is it so? Isn’t a smart and developed nation something the leaders of the county should want? They are the only ones who know the answer to this question.

The energetic “News Agro-Center” team sees their future in Ukraine. We will tell you about young people who have already understood the potential of the village, developed their business and are right now feeding the whole country. We will break down the stereotype that the village is a swamp and a hole. The village is the elite of the country!

We will also show how small and medium-sized family farms have been developing. We want to tell people how they can earn money in the village and live comfortably. It should have been a large-scale state social project, but unfortunately, Ukrainian politicians do not need it. They shout about the success of Ukrainian farmers who export 14 billion worth of products. Well, that’s a ridiculous number for Ukraine! Our village has the potential to export 500 billion worth of products. Instead, we buy imported fish, cheese, potatoes, carrots and other vegetables and fruits. And this is what’s happening in Ukraine! It is funny and sad at the same time.

Dear Ukrainians, please read our news, watch the “La Village” program and you will understand how valuable Ukrainian village is. Do not seek happiness in a foreign country, but develop your country and your families. Only then will we be respected and there will be no wars or other disasters.

I wish you success and prosperity! However, will not use the word “sincerely” which was spoiled by the Ukrainian politicians. We work for you, future farmers, because you are our future.

Dmitry Solomchuk, head of the “Agro-Center”, chairman of the public organization “Chas-Diy”.






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