Deputies are preparing to adopt a law on organic products

A new bill “On Basic Principles and Requirements for Organic Production, Circulation, and Labeling of Organic Products” (№ 5448) adapts the internal system for quality control of organic products and harmonizes Ukrainian legislation with the European one. According to this law, products sold on the store shelves and marked as organic, will indeed be organic, says Agro-Center.

“This bill will create better conditions for manufacturers because the certification of the production process eliminates technical export barriers. On the other hand, if the products have the green leaf logo, that is, the products are manufactured in accordance with EU requirements, consumers can be sure that such products are organic”,

– says the Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, Olena Kovaleva.

According to the Deputy Minister, there are several basic criteria in the law on organic products. First of all, organic products must be properly certified. Secondly, specific and permissible substances and elements of technology that are environmentally friendly and safe for the consumer should be used for such production. Thirdly, a register of organic manufacturers, certification bodies, and organic seeds must be created. And, last but not least, the new bill № 5448 forms the system of control of the production process and manufacturers in accordance with the practice of the EU countries.

Currently, the bill is being passed by the Verkhovna Rada Commission.

As of June 2017, more than 420 manufacturers of organic products have been registered in Ukraine. 421.5 thousand hectares of land is occupied by the companies with organic production certificates, and 550 thousand hectares of land is occupied by certified wildlife (herbs, berries, and mushrooms).

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