A Village Council Leased Agricultural Land

In October of 2018, a Village Council decided to lease agricultural land to a farmer for 34 million hryvnias, writes “Agro-Center”.

The Korosten prosecutor’s office filed a lawsuit. They demand that the use of almost 330 hectares of land is terminated because the lease was illegal.

“The Korosten prosecutor’s office has filed a lawsuit to terminate the use of 328 hectares of agricultural land and return it to the manager of state-owned lands,”

said a representative of the prosecutor’s office.

This agricultural land belongs to the state. Therefore, local authorities have no right to dispose of the land. It should also be noted that the land was leased without an auction.

“To protect the interests of the state, the prosecutor’s office appealed to the Commercial Court of Zhytomyr region,”

explained the plaintiff.

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