A village died: a woman remained alone (VIDEO)

Maria Petrovna is 84. She has been living in Baranivka for almost all her life. In 2006, the woman recalls, she had almost fifty neighbors. Now, there are only wild animals, the correspondent of “Agro-Center” reports with reference to the TSN.

Maria has three dozen chickens on her farm and the land for growing food. Once she worked on the farm herself, but nowadays the woman hasn’t got enough strength. Her daughter does almost all the work and brings medicine, pension, and products from the city.

The daughter has a three-room apartment and children in Glukhov. Here, she has a weak mother. Therefore, she lives in between the town and the village. Her mother doesn’t want to go to the city.

Once upon a time here, in Baranivka, there was a club, a store, and a school. Now there is nothing. The streets are overgrown with bushes, abandoned houses covered with wild grapes. And there are no people.


Maria Konyakhina is aware of all political news even though she is cut off from civilization. An old television receives ten channels. Today feels like a holiday for Maria. A guest from Kramatorsk, woman’s former neighbor, came to visit her. Nina came for a few days to support her friend and recall their youth when the whole village got together and sand.

Mary Petrovna is afraid that the village will disappear from the map of Ukraine. That is why she decided to stay here with her dog Dozor and save Baranivka from vanishing.

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