A farmer from Zhytomyr region popularizes pig breeding through his video blog

Alexander Dmitruk is a blogger and pig breeder. In his videos, he teaches how to develop a with 1000-pig farm from just one pig, writes “Agro-Center” with a reference to “ShoTam”.

The man’s farm is located in Zhytomyr region. He has 1000 pigs. Fourteen years ago, he turned abandoned barns into a farm. Alexander grows feed for pigs without any mineral fertilizers.

“Pigs want to lay in the mud because it’s their nature. I don’t interfere. They grow better this way,”

said Alexander.

“If you pretend to feed pigs, they will pretend to grow,”

joked the farmer.

In the blog, Alexander speaks about choosing pig breeds, feeds and even bowls for pigs.

“I would be so happy if my work inspired someone to start their business!”

shared the farmer.

One of the most important conditions for successful pig farm is the creation of an environment that minimizes the risks of pig diseases. The payback period of such a business is about 5-6 years and depends on many factors: from genetic features of animals to conditions of their feeding.

According to the farmer, pigs don’t sweat as they don’t have sweat glands. The more humid the environment, the easier it is for pigs go release their warmth. They heat the room very well so it doesn’t need heating in the winter.

Alexander Dmitruk knows everything about breeding pigs. However, he notes that there’s no recipe for a successful farm. Each farm offers its own experience, which is defined by practice.

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