A Man from Odessa Created a Farm in the Basement of a High-Rise (photo)

Ivan Vorobyov created a farm in the basement of an apartment building in Odessa. On the farm, he grows microgreens, the product that is popular with local restaurants, writes “Agro-Center” with a reference to “USI”.

Nowadays, there is a high demand for microgreens, young sprouts that are used in making soups, salads, smoothies and for decorating dishes.

Ivan Vorobyov used to work as a chef at a restaurant, where he noticed that healthy eating was gaining popularity, and decided to create the microgreen farm.

“Microgreens have several times more nutrients than regular greens,”

said Ivan.

Ivan cooperates with dozens of restaurants in Odessa and other Ukrainian cities. He is convinced that healthy eating is the future.

Ivan doesn’t hide the secret of his success. He actively shares his knowledge and experience. Ivan opened a school, where he helps others create their farms.

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