A grandfather restores a village with only four dwellers

Nowadays, only four people live in the picturesque village of Dyvochyna of the Orativsky district, writes the correspondent of Agro-Center, with reference to Vlasno.info.

Three pensioners, one of whom is a disabled person and cared for by his wife, also a pensioner, and an initiative grandfather Valeriy Vladchenko. Valeriy arrived in the village a few years ago from the city of Tetiev of the Kyiv region and decided to stay here. He built a modern two-story building and plans to restore of the village, which was founded in 1910. During collectivization, a collective farm was created in the village and young people were asked to work there.

Young girls were the first to respond and start to work. That’s why the village is called Dyvochyna (from Ukrainian “dyvchyna” which means “girl”).

“Once upon a time, Dyvochyna was a very picturesque and promising village,” says Petro Shevchuk, the chairman of the Sabarovsky Village Council, which, in addition to the village of Sabarovka, also includes Dyvochyna. The village has an extremely convenient geographical location: among the fields, near the villages. Nature here is incredible. It was also a progressive village once: people worked on a collective farm, children went to school, young people relaxed in a club, old visited a church… “

Dyvochyna borders with Cherkasy region (two kilometers). There are four kilometers to the neighboring village of Sabarovka. Therefore, locals usually went to a store in the neighboring places. The road to the village from Sabarovka has a hard covering. There is no store in Dyvochyna. The village is dying. Only the house of Valery Vladychenko rises as a real castle.

“A young and promising grandfather (the 44-year-old man already has three grandchildren) decided to restore the village as a joke. He started with his house. Valeriy says that he wants young people to return to the village. He has a lot of plans”,

– says the chairman.

As one can see, there are positive examples when it comes to the disappearance of the villages. A village should not die. It should thrive and develop.

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