“Glamorous chickens” in the United States

Nowadays, in the United States, it is no longer cool to keep dogs as pets in a country house. Keeping “glamorous chickens” is a new trend, writes “Agro-Center”.

According to the media, breeding chickens in country houses have become very popular. It made it possible for people to make money in this sector.

American celebrities are ready to pay any amount of money to emphasize their status. Thus, a Chinese Silkie chicken costs $ 300. It is also considered nature’s joke as it is the fluffiest chicken in the world.

These glamorous chickens live in stylish houses, similar in design to their owners’ homes. The houses have automatic lighting and feeding systems, as well as video surveillance cameras.

Each Silkie chicken has a name and, in the opinion of the owners, a character. What is even more fun, there are specialists who manufacture hand-made diapers for chickens so that the birds can visit their owners.

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