Greenhouse Made of Plastic Bottles Was Built in India

Ladakh is a cold desert in India. Farmers built a greenhouse made of plastic bottles where vegetables can be grown even in very low temperatures. It takes 8000 bottles to build one such greenhouse, writes “Agro-Center”.

Ladakh is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country but severe winters greatly complicate the life of the population, 89 percent of whom live in the countryside and grow vegetables. However, the season is short (no more than 4 months), and most of the products are brought from the outside.

There is another problem. Due to the tourist boom, the amount of plastic waste in the region is growing.

A social enterprise Agrow came up with a way to solve these two problems. The company proposed building a greenhouse from plastic waste. It cost just 25,000 rupees.

The company was founded by Nishita Bisani, Akshata Pradhan and Jigmet Singh, who was born in the village of Chemris in Ladakh.

Growing vegetables in a greenhouse is a very common practice in Ladakh because it allows farmers to prolong the season when the temperature drops. According to DRDO-Defense analysts, more than 700 greenhouse structures are built annually in the area.

“In a greenhouse, the crops are grown indoors, which provides favorable climatic conditions throughout the year. The greenhouse retains heat, allowing the crop to grow even when it is cold outside,”

said Akshata.

During one year, the project authors studied the problems in the village of Chemris by conducting a comprehensive study to analyze the possibility of creating a greenhouse in the region.

While Nishita, an architect, worked on creating an environmentally friendly structure to help farmers grow food organically, Jigmet focused on increasing yields. Akshata, an environmental science graduate, has come up with a system that allows to recycle waste.

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