“I chose Ukraine”: a woman from Switzerland has been developing organic farming in Ukraine for seven years (video)

In the Ternopil region, there is a unique organic farm “Zhyva Zemlya Potutory”. Here, an old collective farm was transformed into a new organic farm, writes “Agro-Center”.

Christina Lieberger started to develop farming in Ukraine seven years ago. She grows organic herbs and prepares teas and spices on her farm.

Spices and herbs undergo special heat treatment on special equipment. Only then they are mixed into finished products.

“The more time I spend here, the more I like it. The more I am with these people, the more I understand and love them. It is a differnt mentality. I like it very much. I thought Ukraine was beautiful from the beginning.”

The thing that surprises Christina is that Ukrainians don’t value their land. She says that for the most part, people only think about how to take something from mother earth, not how to thank her for her gifts.

Watch the new episode of the “La Selo” show to learn more about Christina’s life and work:

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