The world’s largest Cornelian cherry garden is located in Zaporizhzhia (photo)

In Zaporizhzhia, in the village of Nowe, the largest in the world Cornelian cherry garden has been growing for six 6 years now. Twelve thousand trees grow on 14 hectares of land, writes “Agro-Center”.

The Cornelian cherry is grown organically here without the use of fertilizers. Trees produce more crops each year. At the beginning of the 2019 season, 10 tons of berries were harvested, although the harvesting process isn’t over.

Mostly the locals work in the garden. Work continues from 7 am until lunchtime. One can harvest about 10 buckets, 8 pounds each. After weighing, the berries are sent for sorting. The ripest Cornelian cherry is selected manually.

Sergei Olshansky is the man who planted the garden. In order to sell products, Sergei created his Famberry brand. The brand sells jam, compote, fruit drinks, pastilles, sauces, Cornelian cherry mixed with sugar and honey.

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