A man from the Donbass created a revolutionary feed for cattle (video)

Oles Cherkasov makes cattle feed from plant-based ingredients without the use of chemicals. The man notes that feed prepared according to his formula can stimulate the development of whole agro-industrial complex, writes “Agro-Center” with reference to “OTB Galicia.”

The man moved to Subcarpathia four years ago. He used to live in the Donbass and wasn’t engaged in farming. After moving he decided to work in this sector.

Oles makes his cattle feed from grains and herbs. The final product looks like flakes:

“I took animal’s needs and turned to plants in search for solutions. I started with four and now have 14 plants that are necessary for a living organism.”

Everyone who uses the feed on their farm is happy with the results. My customers note that it is suitable for all animals and the effect is always positive: chickens lay more eggs, goats give more milk. However, the effect of the feed is most noticeable when it is given to pigs.

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