Killer bees: bees killed a horse and bit people in Zhytomyr region

In one of the villages of the Zhytomyr region, bees attacked a horse. Local men wanted to help the animal and approached it. The insects attacked them as well. One of the men even needed medical help, writes “Agro-Center”.

In order to make bees go away, locals had to call rescuers. Workers of the local unit of the State Emergency Service used water to remove insects. They couldn’t save the horse, so the animal was killed for meat.

Sergei Kotsur, the head of the Belokorovitska community believes the bees are the only ones to blame:

“Gone crazy, flew out of the hive and attacked the horse. The man was injected with an antidote or whatever and taken to the hospital. He’s okay now.”

Sergei said that he heard nothing of an appeal to the police, compensation for a horse and the medical treatment of the men.

Veterinarians explained that horses are very sensitive to bee poison: 10 to 18 bees bites can kill an adult animal. Beekeepers said that bees react aggressively to the sharp smell of horses’ and cows’ sweat and attack these animals immediately. Usually, bees attack to protect a bee uterus or themselves.

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