The first cows were brought to the only floating farm in the world

The cows were delivered to the world’s first floating farm in Rotterdam, on Monday, May 13th. It is planned that cows will give about 800 liters of milk per day, writes “Agro-Center”.

The project of the floating farm in the Netherlands was created within the framework of the project aimed at finding new ways to feed a growing population, despite a reduction in the number of places for growing food.

The creators say that cows are kept in rather spacious barns, and thanks to a bridge between the farm and the pier, animals have access to a nearby pasture, when the tides allow it.

The creators of the floating farm plan to produce various types of milk and yogurt.

The project is a partnership between three companies. “Courage” is an innovation institute in the Dutch agriculture and dairy industry sector, “Uit Je Eigen Stad” manages urban farms in cities in the Netherlands, and “Beladon” is an expert in floating constructions.

At present, companies are considering the creation of a floating poultry farm and greenhouses.

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