Danish farmers have told how the level of illumination affects the digestion of pigs

Light is an important factor for pigs. During the light part of the day, they are more active. Therefore, it is during this time that animals should consume food, writes “Agro-Center”.

Danish farmers do not recommend feeding pigs after 9 PM. When the light day gets shorter in winter, you need to use artificial light to make sure the animals’ rhythm is not disturbed.

Sowing areas should be illuminated 16 hours a day at an intensity of 100 lux because light directly affects the level of fertilization of animals. Under such illumination, a person can, without straining their eyes, read a newspaper, holding it at the eye level of a sow.

It is also important to monitor the level of indoor air pollution, in particular, dust. Dust, which the animals inhale, can penetrate through the nose into their lungs and affect their health. Therefore, it is necessary to minimize the level of dust in the air. Danish specialists offer a number of ways to do this (see Table).

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