Sheep in the office: American company hired the animals

The Tampa Electric, a company that provides the central part of Florida with electricity, said they hired sheep to work for the company. The animals are responsible for the preservation of green plantings around the company’s premises, writes “Agro-Center”.

“We decided to hire sheep because it easier than using traditional mechanical mowers,” explained a representative of the company.

Tampa Electric chose the Katahdin breed of sheep for a reason. They tolerate high Florida temperatures well. Katahdin sheep have hair instead of wool. It protects them from overheating.

Representatives of the company didn’t name the exact amount of money they paid for the sheep but mentioned that their costs reduced by a quarter. To protect animals from predators, the place of their pasture was surrounded by a fence.

A specialist who monitors the health of animals regularly visits the company. The sheep always have water and a place to hide, according to a representative of the Tampa Electric.

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