People Are Leaving Their Pets on the Streets Because of the Coronavirus

Shelters are rescuing abandoned animals in France.

Agro-Center tells more about it.

Comment: Be sensible, get all the necessary information and do not get rid of your pets, who are so loyal are always ready to be with you!“, stated SPA.

Details: The French Animal Protection Society (SPA), which has shelters across the country, launched an information campaign to educate people and remove the panic stimulated by false information on the Internet about animals being the carriers of the coronavirus.

Several regional branches of the SPA noted that people began to leave their pets on the streets. The SPA fears that overflowing shelters will lead to the need to put pets to sleep.

A head of a local shelter said that there have been more “refusal requests” in recent days than usual. According to statistics, the people of France try to get rid of their pets most during the summer holidays.

It should be noted that the French are leaders when it comes to abandoning their pets. Every year, about 100,000 dogs and cats are left on the streets.

Source: rfi

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