Cheese that costs 1700 euros is made from donkey milk in the Vinnytsia region (video)

Donkey milk has healing properties. Cleopatra took 600 donkeys with her everywhere she went to take donkey milk baths. In the Vinnytsia region, there are 52 donkeys on the territory of Zabolotnensky Professional School #31 named after D. Zabolotny. Unique cheese is made from their milk, writes “Agro-Center” with reference to “AgroInsider”.

The first five donkeys for the school were bought in 2012 at a price 500 UAH each. By the way, nowadays, one donkey in Turkey costs $ 500, and a female donkey – $ 800.

“We decided to buy donkeys after visiting France and participating in the activities of the European Foundation for the Support of Professional Education. There I saw donkeys on farms used for therapeutic purposes. It turns out that, for example, if you wash hands with donkey milk, all warts will disappear,”

said the head of the school Vasyl Romantsov.

Today, there are 52 donkeys – 12 males and 40 females. They live in special cages, males and females separately. In the summer, animals freely graze with other livestock. The pasture has an area of 60 hectares. In order to feed the donkeys in winter, the owners need 300 kg of hay and 360 kg of grain.

The video was taken from the #ShoTam YouTube channel

On average, female donkeys give 300 liters of milk during a milking period that last 10 months each year. Milk is used to make cheese and soap. One needs 30 liters of milk to produce about one kilogram of hard cheese. This cheese costs more than 1,700 euros per kilogram. The school holds the farm, training facilities and laboratories on its own, the state does not allocate funds for this.

“The most valuable is “live” milk. Carry it for 100 meters – and it will lose 20% of its beneficial bacteria. It is really healing when drunk right after milking. During the milking period, people bring children who suffer from pertussis, scarlet fever, and measles so that they can drink fresh donkey milk. It helps them,”

shared Vasyl Romantsov.

The owners plan to increase the number of donkeys to 200 heads. Afterward, they are going to consider expanding the production of dairy products from donkey milk.

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