British Farmers Sold Their Dog for 25,000 dollars

British farmers sold their Border Colli dog to a buyer in the US for 25,000 dollars.

“Agro-Center” tells more about it.

Details: Farmers from Britain sold a Border Colli dog to their US colleagues for 24.5 thousand dollars.

The dog called Megan became the most expensive shepherd in the world. The sale took place at a local auction.

Megan is 2.5 years old. The dog was born on a farm, where she looked after a flock of sheep. The American buyer was very impressed with Megan. Usually, Border Colli dogs are sold for no more than three thousand dollars. Before saying their goodbyes, the original owners bought Megan a huge fried chicken and even allowed her to sleep on their pillow.

Source: UNIAN

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