Prices for pork in Ukraine are higher than in the European Union

Ukraine is in the lead when it comes to high prices for pork. Experts name a number of reasons for an increase in prices for the traditional Ukrainian product. Sergei Trigubenko wrote about this on his Facebook page, writes “Agro Center”.

According to the post, there are several factors that led to an increase in prices for pork. In particular, inflationary processes and the epidemic of African swine fever (ASF). According to official data only, the disease caused the killing of more than 32 thousand pigs.

Export of pork to Ukraine has increased 5 times over the past year, which is the record volume of exports to Ukraine. In contrast, Ukraine used to import only 1600 tons of pork.

Thus, according to, 1 kg of pork in Lithuania costs 127-175 UAH, in Latvia – 102-127 UAH, in Poland – 111-134 UAH, in Slovakia – 127-160 UAH, in the Czech Republic – around 159 UAH. And in Ukraine – from 110 to 200 UAH per kg.

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