Success Story: Farmers from Volhynia Solved the Problem of Low Purchase Prices for Milk

In 2009, residents of the village of Halychany decided to set up an agricultural service cooperative “Step”. In this way they wanted to solve the problem of low purchase prices for milk, writes “Agro-Center”.

The cooperative holds 40 cows, sheep, turkeys, and other livestock. Animals are looked after by 39 workers. The cooperative gives milk to the “Molokoprodukt” LLC in the Rivne region.

“We have a small base here. We take, check and cool the milk. And when we have more milk than needed, the manufacturer pays us more. When the price for milk is, for example, 4,75-5 hryvnias, members of the cooperative get 50 kopeks more. The amount, though small, is palpable,”

said Mykhailo Stetsyuk.

The cooperative has ambitious plans: to set up a mini-factory for milk processing and to make soft and hard cheeses.

“Last year, we participated in a state co-financing program to get milk processing equipment. We have ordered a mini plant for processing and making soft and hard cheeses. Cheese is more interesting because you can’t surprise anyone with packaged milk.”

Mykhaylo Stetsyuk, the deputy head of the association, said that the company will employ four workers and the plant itself will be able to process one ton of milk.

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