Artificial meat: animal farming may disappear until 2100

Experts from the Institute of Agriculture and Trade Policy of the United States believe that, by 2050, animal farming will produce 80% of the allowable amount of greenhouse gases. In order to avoid this consequence, mankind needs to switch to plant-based alternatives to common foods, writes “Agro-Center”.

American researcher Jacy Reese believes that over time, humanity will consciously begin to give up meat. Farming will change its form and people will replace animal products with plant-based alternativescommon animal products. Reese came to this conclusion after analyzing transformations that have been taking place in modern society.

He notes that there already are plant-based alternatives to beef, chicken, pork, mayonnaise, etc. The researcher believes that it will take a long time to change the taste preferences of consumers.

However, official statistics say that vegetarianism is spreading very slowly, and farmers-animal breeders believe that nothing but real meat can be considered as such.

Figures are also on the side of traditional meat. For example, contributions to one of the US meat producers, Tyson Foods, amount to $ 27 billion, while production of plant-based burgers, vegan mayonnaise, and artificial chicken meat managed to attract only $ 387 million and $ 220 million, respectively.

However, Reese believes that powerful and rapid development of plant-based meat production requires government support and the introduction of tax for traditional meat. The expert predicts that by 2050, half of the milk products, meat products, and eggs will be replaced by plant-based alternatives. The meat and dairy industry will cease to exist by 2100.

“By that time, animal farming will be seen as outdated and barbaric”,

wrote the researcher in his book “The End of Animal Farming”.

At the same time, the expert admits that society is not ready to abandon animal products. Therefore, it needs to be done gradually. According to a poll conducted by the Good Food Institute in the United States, one out of eight American families doesn’t mind eating plant-based burgers daily.

Reese is not the only one who talks about the benefits of a plant-based diet for humans and the environment. Environmentalists call the transition to alternative types of food a good solution to problems that may arise due to the overpopulation of the planet. According to experts, by 2050, the population of the Earth will grow to 10 billion people, and humanity will need more food resources. If people don’t change their diets, a big part of natural resources will be exhausted by that time.

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