70% of products sold as butter are fake

A Research Center for Independent Consumer Expertise “TEST” has conducted a study in order to check the quality of butter sold at Ukrainian markets. Only 9 out of 29 tested butter brands produce real butter. Other 20 samples are fake butter, writes “Agro Center”.

In order for the study to be as reliable as possible, butter was bought in different regions of the country and at a different price. The study also established a correlation between cost and quality: cheaper butter is more likely to be fake.

Butter samples from the following brands were purchased and tested: «3+3 korovy», “Aprelʹ”, “Bohodukhivsʹke”, “Brest-Lytovsk” (Belarus), “Volozhynskoe” (Belarus), “Voloshkove pole”, “Vsesmak”, “Halychyna”, “Homelʹ-produkt” (Belarus), “Zdorovo”, “Matviyenko PP”, “Metelyk”, “Molokiya”, “Mykolayivmolprom”, “Nota smaku”, “Pan Kotsʹkyy”, “Podilʹsʹke”, “Polisʹka syrovarnya”, “Poltavsʹkyy smak”, “Popilʹnyansʹke”, “Radymo”, “Sambirsʹke”, “Siveryanka”, “Spravzhnye”, “Starokostyantynivsʹkyy zavod”, “Tokmak-moloko”, “Tradytsiyne”, “Kharkivsʹke”, “Chortkiv”.

According to the legislation of Ukraine, butter producers are not allowed to add any other fat except milk fat to their products. A product that contains other fats is considered to be spread or margarine. Also, a true ingredients list is one of the key requirements of the legislation on the labeling of food products.

Here’s a list of real butter brands based on the results of the test: “Voloshkove pole”, “Halychyna”, “Zdorovo”, “Molokiya”, “Poltavsʹkyy smak”, “Popilʹnyansʹke”, “Radymo”, “Chortkiv”, and “Kharkivsʹke”.

To sum up, almost 70% of the products sold as butter are fake.

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