Ducks instead of pesticides: how farmers fight environmental pollution

Nowadays, there is an active struggle against environmental pollution, so farmers have to look for and invent new ways to protect plants from pests without pesticides. Farmers from China, Japan, Iran, Nepal, and France turned to ancient farming practices, in particular, cultivating rice with the help of ducks, writes “Agro-Center” with a reference to

It should be noted that ducks accomplished their task brilliantly, and farmers were content with the result. They ate all pests, weeds, and seeds – everything except rice! Therefore, ducks proved their ability to replace synthetic insecticides.

With the help of ducks, farmers even managed to save money on fertilizers. There’s no need for fertilizers as ducks’ litter does the job. In addition, farmers have significantly reduced the cost of labor and equipment. As spraying is no longer done, workers are not needed.

As for ducks, they grow well while feeding in rice fields and give more eggs. Due to this, farmers were able to save some money on food. What is more, with the help of ducks, farmers have organized the production of organic foods, which cost much more than ordinary ones and bring profit.

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