A Mercedes for farmers: the company created machines for working in a field

Mercedes Benz Axor 3131 trucks were adapted for harvesting sugar cane in Brazil. Mercedes-Benz, together with GrunnerTech, that operates in Brazil, created 18 trucks for transportation of sugar cane, writes “Agro-Center”.

Interestingly, the trucks were equipped with an autonomous driving function; they automatically maintain speed and distance, and although the driver controls the car, it can also be completely automatic.

The trucks are equipped with high-profile tires and antennas for receiving satellite signals that are controlled by cruise control, GPS and geo-referencing; the route set is pre-programmed on a computer.

Where did the idea of ​​replacing tractors with trucks come from? Compared to tractors, they consume up to 50 percent less fuel. Maintenance cost is also lower (up to 30 percent), and the exact installation of the harvesting route should help Axor trucks get twice as much raw material as agricultural tractors.

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