China plans to switch to high-tech farming in the near future

Chinese authorities have published a plan of acceleration of the development of high-tech agricultural sector until 2022. The roadmap was developed by the Ministry of Agriculture and six other ministries and public services of the People’s Republic of China, writes “Agro-Center”.

According to Xinhua news agency, in the next four years, China intends to improve the quality of agricultural products and its competitiveness at international markets, as well as improve the efficiency of the industry as a whole. One of the goals stated in the plan is to increase the productivity of agro-industrial complex per capita from 34,000 yuan ($ 5,000) in 2017 to 55,000 yuan ($ 8,130) by 2022. Exports of agricultural products in the specified period will increase by 3% per year.

In addition, the Chinese authorities intend to accelerate the development of grain agricultural holdings and train more than 5 million professional farmers, first of all, young people.

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