A mushroom-record holder was grown in the Kyiv region (photo)

In order to get one kilogram of mushrooms, one needs to collect 170 mushrooms with a 2.5-centimeter cap diameter or 17 mushrooms with a 6-centimeter cap diameter. Farmers on the mushroom farm in the Kyiv region managed to grow a mushroom that weighs more than one kilogram, writes “Аgro-Center” with a reference to “Umdis”.

The mushroom that weighs 1.98 kg and has a 34- centimeter cap diameter was grown in the Kyiv region on the mushroom farm of the company “Dinbo”. The record was recorded by the representative of the National Register of Records of Ukraine as “The Biggest Mushroom”. This is the first record in this category in Ukraine.

It took 7 days and a team of professionals to grow the giant mushroom. It was grown with the help of compost produced by “Greenyard”.

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