Potatoes for sports nutrition are grown in Ukraine

The Ukrainian group “Green Team” has been experimenting with the growing of various vegetables for the last few years. They aimed to grow muscat pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and garlic, says Agro Center.

Denis Sazonov, a spokeswoman for the company, said that one of the key countries-buyers of this product is the UK, while Green Team is looking for ways to work with the countries of northern Europe:

“We began to test sweet potatoes a couple of years ago to see if we could grow it here, and we were happy with the results. Currently, there are many opportunities to ship products to Sweden and Norway,” said Denis Sazonov.

One of the factors taken to account by the Green Team during the process of choosing a sweet potato tree is a possibility of long-term crop storage.

“At the moment, we plan to send part of the crop to Europe, and from the next year we will increase the amount of potato cultivation from 3 hectares to 20-30 hectares,” said the representative of the company.

Let’s recall that sweet potato is used in the manufacture of sports nutrition and is considered a dietary product. Asparagus, saffron, shallots, nutmeg, celery and other products are also grown on the farm. The group owns 250 hectares of land, although in 2015 it was only 50. In the future, “Green Team” plans to increase the area up to 500 hectares.

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