A sugar factory in Vinnytsia was built by the French

Currently, there are seven functioning sugar factories in the Vinnytsia region. One of them is the Haysian Sugar Factory, which has more than 100 years of history of sugar production. The French entrepreneurs Sallorruppa and de Molinari Gallo started it 118 years ago.

In 1959, the mechanical units were replaced by electric ones at the factory. Over the years, a beet processing shop with a continuous diffusion apparatus was built. The new life of the factory began in 2006 as it got back to work after four years of standing empty. Currently, the plant has new European equipment which cost 45 million dollars.
The factory’s chief Andriy Rayenko says that the production season will last 100 days this year and during this time they have to process 700 thousand tons of sweet white gold. During one day, the plant processes 7.5-7.7 thousand tons.

How do they get sugar from beets? Beetroots are washed first. Then they are brought to the factory’s bunker. They are shredded; juice is extracted and cleared. Excess moisture evaporates and sugar crystallizes from the syrup. It is dried and packaged for sale.

By the way, Haysian sugar can be bought not only in Ukraine but also in countries of Europe, Asia, and Africa.


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