“Farmers are holding the country”: a story about an economy in Zhytomyr region (photo)

Today, a work of a farmer is underestimated, however, extremely important because the country’s image and the economy are based on farming. Being a farmer is a risky business because of weather conditions that have gotten unpredictable in recent years. There are many risks, but to feed the country’s population, someone needs to take them.

I came upon a competition and decided to participate immediately and tell about a great person, a farmer with vast experience.

My father and my mother are from Zhytomyr region, Novograd-Volynsky district, the village of Orepy and the village of Ternovka. My parents got to know each other and formed a family. After school, many of their classmates left the villages to live in other places in Ukraine as well as in Russia and America.

There were not many people left in the village, and one of them, my father’s classmate and the best farmer in the village of Orepy, Boretsky Yuriy Frantsovich. When I come to the village, I hear locals praising him for the great work he does as well as for working places.

Yuriy Boretsky is engaged in the cultivation of grain crops (except rice), legumes and oilseedsкультурами. The total area of ​​arable land is 4500 hectares. Flax seeds and soy occupy theby largest areas. Among grains, the largest area is occupied by winter wheat – about 90 hectares. Barley occupies the smallest area.

My grandfather received his share in the form of wheat and barley from YuriyFrantsovych who thanked his workers in such a nice way. On the photo, you can see the wonderful corn fields in the village of Orepy.


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