Experts told which apple variety Ukrainian farmers should grow to enter foreign markets

Ukraine has every opportunity to increase its export of apples to the Middle Eastern countries. Eastern markets grow by at least 9% annually, while the European ones are decreasing. Ukrainian farmers can grow premium products that are in high demand there, writes “Agro-Center” with a reference to “EastFruit”.

The Middle Eastern countries buy about 1.3 million tons of apples each year. Most are imported by Egypt. Iraq, Syria, Israel, and Jordan are also among countries that actively buy apples. However, the most expensive apples are in Israel, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.

Experts say that in order for Ukrainian farmers to enter international markets, they should offer small apples of high quality. The fact is that in the Middle Eastern countries, such varieties as green “Golden”, “Red Delicious”, “Gala” and “Granny Smith” are most in demand.

The quality of the product is extremely important. Consumers in the Middle East prefer premium apples. The main suppliers of these are Italy, France, USA, and Chile. However, experts believe that Ukrainians can grow and export a significant number of high-quality apples.

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