The Northernmost Tea Plantation Is Located in Zakarpattia

The world’s northernmost tea plantation has been working in Zakarpattia for 70 years. It is located near Mukachevo, just a 30-minute walk from the city center. Local enthusiasts are reviving tea cultivation in Transcarpathia, writes “Agro-Center” with a reference to “Agrosphera”.

According to documents dating back to 1952-1954, the Transcarpathian region was recognized as the most promising in terms of tea cultivation. Plans were made to provide up to 1000 hectares of land for tea plantations by 1960. However, the All-Union Tea Project in Zakarpattia was closed in 1959.

Growing tea in Transcarpathia is almost unrealistic. However, locals farmers managed to create a special tea variety for a temperate climate.

A full bush in the conditions of the Ukrainian climate can reach two meters in height.

There are also private tea growing areas in Zakarpattia. For example, near Mukachevo, at the agricultural estate of Galina and Yuri Klovichyv “Keltic Yard”, the owners plant tea, as well as many other exotic and unique for Ukraine crops. They have been working at the estate for several decades. The couple grows all plants outside.

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