Ukrainian farmers an increasing an area under beans

According to the estimates of consulting company Baker Tilly, due to high export demand, an area under beans in Ukraine will increase by 100% and will amount to 75-85 thousand hectares by 2020, writes Agro-Center.

Romania, Italy, Germany, as well as Turkey and the OAU are interested in Ukrainian beans. Ukraine has a convenient geographical location that makes it easy to supply beans to EU countries. Our country can outrun its main competitors – China, USA, Canada, Argentina, and Brazil.

Interest in beans is explained by its nutritional value. Bean protein is not inferior to meat protein, beans contain vitamins B, C and other useful substances. It is not easy to grow a crop of beans as the plant is sensitive to frost, requires careful selection of seeds and seeding. Beans should be put in warmed soil. A farmer must also carefully monitor the level of moisture as its surplus leads to illness and its lack – to a poor crop.

Therefore, beans are grown mainly by small farmers in Ukraine. At the same time, the domestic market demand for beans is still low. Depending on the variety, the prices range from 18 thousand to 20 thousand UAH per ton. According to experts, the cost of growing a hectare of beans is about 10.5 thousand hryvnia.

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