Business idea: blackberry fields will pay off in 3 years

A potential capacity of the Ukrainian blackberry market is estimated at 200 thousand tons, which corresponds to 300 million dollars. With an increase in population income, demand for berries will grow, writes Agro-Center with a reference to Pro-Consulting.

In addition to domestic demand, Ukrainian berries are exported and the number of the deliveries is constantly increasing. Along with traditional strawberries, raspberries, currant, which are the leaders of production, it is worth focusing on the niche products – gooseberries and blackberries.

Experts have developed a business plan for growing blackberries. Its plant is three times more productive than a raspberry one. According to the business plan, one needs an area of ​​10 hectares to create a blackberry business. It is also necessary to build a warehouse with an area of 400 square meters and fence the territory with a fence 4,2 km-long fence. Buying the necessary agricultural machinery will cost 312 thousand dollars.

A list of basic equipment:

  • MTZ tractor – 1025.2 – $28 090;
  • PTS-3 trailer- $4 345;
  • cultivator – $899;
  • OP-600 field sprayer – $596;
  • Cutter – $1 114;
  • IVHO 7420 harvester for picking berries – $272,404;
  • AP-VT5 automatic machine for packing the product – $4 944.

The first harvest will appear during the second year. The deposited funds will return to the investor in 40.7 months.

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