Spring frosts in Ukraine: dead bees and consequences for farmers

This year, weather conditions do not contribute to spring sowing, and it will start later. Experts say that a second wave of frosts in March did not damage winter crops, writes Agro-Center.

According to weather forecasters, vegetation recovery was observed only in the extreme southern and western regions. However, with the coming of frost, the vegetation immediately stopped. According to preliminary data, only 11% of the area of ​​winter crops will require sowing or cutting. Others will be in satisfactory condition. The beekeepers are ones who know about negative consequences of poor weather conditions. From 20 to 50 percent of bee families suffered from the frosts.

In the northern and central regions, farmers note a significant delay in a spring sowing campaign. Last year it started on April 1st. This year sowing will begin on May 10th. Probably, the sowing will start with a delay, simultaneously throughout Ukraine.

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