Ukrainian bees will be exported to Canada

Ukrainian bees will save the Canadian ones that are on the brink of extinction. Canadian Ambassador in Ukraine, Roman Vashchuk, wrote about it on his Twitter page, after a meeting of representatives of associations of beekeepers of Ukraine and Canada, where they discussed the issue of Ukrainian bee exports to Canada, writes Agro-Center.

According to the ambassador, the knowledge and skills of Ukrainian beekeepers from the Ukrainian Brotherhood of Beekeepers and Ukrainian bees will help Canadian beekeepers to face the issue of the extinction of bees in Canada.

The Ukrainian side was represented by the All-Ukrainian Brotherhood of Beekeepers of Ukraine, headed by the chairman of the board Tetyana Vasylkivska. Canada was represented by George Scott, the president of one of the largest associations in the state of Niagara.

“During my stay in Ukraine, I became acquainted with the situation in your country, the conditions for beekeeping and breeding, as well as with the system of state control,” said George Scott.

According to George Scott, he would give a competent authority of his country the recommendation to accelerate the development of the issue of allowing Ukraine to supply live bees.

The Canadian Niagara Beeway project, which aims to restore and preserve the original environment in Canada, will become a partner of Ukrainian beekeepers.

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