Another country is asking its government to let Ukrainian workers in

Estonian farmers asked the government to allow seasonal workers from Ukraine to come.

Agro-Center tells more about it.

Comment:The season will start soon. This year, about 2,000 tons of strawberries will ripen on about 800 hectares. However, irresponsible politicians do not want 1,500 diligent Ukrainians to help harvest and deliver the berries to Estonian consumers. Let the harvest rot in the fields“, – reads the statement.

Details: A rich harvest of strawberries has ripened this year in Estonia. Farmers cannot collect it on their own or find local workers to do it. Therefore, three Estonian organizations – the Union of Strawberry Growers, the Horticultural Union and the Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce – asked the government to allow Ukrainian workers to come to the country. 

Ukrainians used to regularly take an active part in picking strawberries in Estonia. But now, due to the quarantine restrictions, they are not allowed to enter the country. According to farmers, “it can become a catastrophe”. 

Source: Channel 24

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