A farmer from Zakarpattia invented a new mint business during the quarantine

In Zakarpattia, a woman started a successful mint business during the quarantine.

Agro-Center tells more about it.

Comment: It was almost impossible to sell fresh mint during the quarantine as bars, restaurants, and cafes were out of business and retail buyers don’t purchase much. An ordinary consumer usually buys just a small bunch of mint“, – said the businesswoman.

Details: A resident of Uzhhorod Julia Gayovych grows mint for cafes and bars in Zakarpattia. However, the introduction of quarantine put her business on hold. To save the situation, the businesswoman found a new niche for her favorite occupation.

She started selling mint seedlings in pots online. The new product rapidly gained popularity among consumers.

Comment:The demand for a so-called Israeli mint is the highest. It has a very delicate aroma and looks attractive”, – says Julia.

The businesswoman grows common mint as a back-up crop in case the exotic mint harvest is poor.

Source: Agrоbusiness

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