Scientists recorded a 12-kilometer-long journey of a cuckoo

The bird crossed the territory of 16 countries, mastering a flight over the Indian Ocean at an average speed of 60 km/h.

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Details: Scientists tracked the migration of the cuckoo, that had covered more than 12,000 km.

The Cuculus canorus was marked with a satellite tag along with four other birds. Observations showed that the cuckoo had covered more than 12,000 kilometers, flying from southern Africa to its nesting place in Mongolia.

The bird took off from Zambia on March 20th and crossed part of the Indian Ocean without stopping. Its average speed was 60 km/h. On its journey, the cuckoo crossed the territory of 16 countries.

Ornithologists called its flight a “giant journey” and noted that it was one of the longest known migrations of land birds.

Source: Correspondent 

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