An American farmer breeds miniature cows (photo)

An American farmer, Dustin Pillard, breeds miniature cows. The animals are 90 centimeters high and can be kept as pets, writes Agro-Center with reference to METRO.

Dustin Pillard has been working on breeding of miniature cows for many years. He managed to reduce their size by half. The height of animals does not exceed 90 centimeters. The farmer assures that despite their size, the cows are absolutely healthy:

“Many of them have personalities, as dogs do. They love treats and walking. They run around like dogs, play with people, are calm and sociable. They love attention. It’s very hard not to fall in love with a knee-high baby cow,”

says Dustin.



The farmer sells miniature cows to people who plan to keep them at home as pets.

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