A cooperative in Ukraine will produce starch

A ‘Vimal’ company plans to create a cooperative in Ukraine that will be engaged in the processing of potatoes, writes Agro-Center.

It is already known that the cooperative will produce deficit products with high added value. It is starch, protein, food fibers and fertilizers. Products will be exported.

According to the founder of the company, Victor Lazar, members of the cooperative will become both producers and processors of potatoes. At the same time, producers’ income will increase from 600 dollars to 2 thousand dollars per 1 hectare.

He added that the ultimate goal of the project is to create a powerful corporation for the production of a large number of potato products (more than 1.4 thousand types).

“If the project is implemented in cooperation with farmers, it will take 2 years. Independent implementation will take 4-5 years,” said Lazar.

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