An unusual beer was made in Israel from wheat set on fire by terrorists

An Israeli brewery “Alexander” has established a production of a new beer. The remainder of the grain from the fields that were set on fire by terrorists is used as raw material. To support affected by the arson farmers, they are given profits from sales of the new beer, writes “Agro-Center”.

Beer made from burnt wheat has a bitter taste. Despite the small size of the batch, the money from sales is very helpful to farmers – they use it to deal with the damage inflicted by terrorists.

“I can’t be indifferent to the sight of burning fields and crops. My heart is with the farmers,”

said Uri Saga, owner of the brewery.

The new beer is called “Bira Otef-Aza”, which means “beer from the outskirts of Gaza”. There, 4500 hectares of Israeli wheat are grown, of which 175 thousand tons of crop is harvested each year. About 700 hectares of crops were affected by arsons this year.

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