Farmer in the Kirovograd region develops the village (PHOTOS)

In 1996, on the territory of Nedogarskoy village council, Grigory Dmitrievich Oliynyk established a “Simfo” farm. In 1998, his son, Alexander Grigorovich Oliynyk, replaced him. He has been managing the farm for almost 20 years. Alexander had to face many problems, but he had overcome obstacles and now has the most successful farm in the countryside.

Alexander Grigorievich created the administrative building on the land of a family estate, which was built in 1953 by his grandfather and grandmother. The place is a source of support and energy for the owner, it inspires him, gives strength to go forward.

Alexander Oliynyk is an example not only for his employees but also for many village dwellers. There is a strict discipline on his farm, and he warns his future employees about it.

“I value my team, my guys, who work hard and deserve decent wages”, – says Alexander about his workers. He helps them a lot: provides financial support (when they’re buying a car or a house), organizes visits to agricultural exhibitions not only in Ukraine but also abroad, as well as vacations for his workers and their families.

Alexander practices the introduction of the latest technologies. He tries to take something new for his business from international exhibitions. He uses newest agricultural machinery. In Alexander’s opinion, his primary task is survival in today’s conditions.

No events in the village take place without Alexander’s participation, assistance or initiative. In 2016, he organized the construction of a playground for children in the center of the village.

In 2017, he initiated a major reconstruction of a school’s roof. Alexander consistently helps the school and a kindergarten.

For future farmers, Alexander Grigorovich recommends to rely on themselves, put their soul into a favorite business and not shy away from new technologies.

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