A rare animal was saved (PHOTOS)

A resident of the city Kalinovka brought home black crane, which is listed in The Red Book of Ukraine. One of the bird’s wings was shot, and the woman, who found it, didn’t want to leave the crane in the woods to die.

The crane Sasha is feeling much better now and lives in the Vinnytsia zoo. A bird eats from people’s hands. The woman told the zoo workers that she saw the bird in a bush with a broken wing.

The bird’s wing hung by a hair. It was evident that hunters confused the crane with a wild duck and hurt it. The woman amputated the broken wing herself.

The savior named the crane Sasha and looked after the bird in her country house. In fall the woman found the crane a home in Vinnitsa – the Central Park of Culture and Leisure. The bird fully recovered. People take care of Sasha and feed the crane with fish.

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